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Intonia is a Pitch Recorder. It's software intended to help string players visualize intonation. It combines the capabilities of an electronic tuner and a digital recorder. It keeps a memory of what it has heard, and displays pitch on a scrolling graph. You can specify what temperament to use: Equal, Just, or Pythagorean.

While it is recording, the display scrolls continuously. Your pitch is displayed as the height of the trace. If you're playing in tune the trace is white, but if you're sharp relative to your chosen scale and temperament, the trace is colored red. If you're flat, the trace is blue.

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Originally intended simply to show intonation, it turns out to have many other uses:

I'm an improving violin student, having started as an adult. I've found that learning to play the violin requires training the ear to recognize correct intonation before the fingers can find the correct place on the string. Frequently I've had the experience where my teacher says, "make the G# a little sharper." Once I do so, I can hear that it sounds better, but I would not have thought to try it on my own. I've always wanted to ask my teacher, "how can I take you home with me?" Intonia is my way of making that happen.