Testimonials from Intonia Users

Here is what some of Intonia's satisfied users have to say about it:

I've been working with Intonia to teach myself what a g minor scale should really sound like (pythagorean) -- turns out to be different than the one I invented in my head -- now my Bruch G minor sounds much better.
Alicia Svigals
Klezmer violinist and recording artist
New York, NY

Excellent program! I like to play greek and turkish classical music which have a lot of microtones and theoretically at least a pythagorean type tuning. At first glance, in addition to the violin, intonia also works well with the oud.
Adonis Skandalis
Amateur violinist and oud player
St. Catherines, Ontario

I am learning to practice with it and definitely it is to look at the screen and play a passage slowly until one gets it right, training one's ear. Then to use it to check how well one is doing as I did for my up coming recital. And learning that I need to go back to training my ear.
It remains a valuable tool even when you think you have your intonation correct, to record your playing and look back to see if you really got it right.
Wendel Dean Renner
Amateur violinist
Columbia, MD

For me, this is significantly more helpful ear training for violin playing than any of the online courses I've tried. It's one thing to recognize 4th, 5th, minor 7th, or augmented intervals, but are they in tune? I will trust my ears more after using Intonia to slow down and develop a habit of playing and hearing pitches correctly.
The visual improvement I'm still observing has increased my overall playing confidence, which pays in spades.

Ben Owen
Amateur violinist
San Antonio, TX

Very good intonation software. You can set equal, just, or pythagorean temperament, choose your key, and play. It will produce a "piano roll" which will show you where your intonation is right, and where it is off, and by about how much. Once you begin to recognize the sound of good intonation, you can turn your back and record yourself, and it will show you where you still need to work. I think your ears should control your intonation, but this is, IME, a good way to train your ears and fingers through your eyes.
Michael Richwine
K. C. Strings
Merriam, KS

As a teacher of beginning string students, I find that Intonia is a wonderful way to make students aware of the relationship of intonation to good tone production. It helps me to monitor the way that they practice at home which leads to faster progress at lessons and it helps the ear to develop. Tuning takes less time at lessons, students learn their keys and key signatures. Intonia is a great way to incorporate traditional and non-traditional teaching methods.
Terri Denmon
Violin Teacher
Pittsburgh, PA

We have no piano at home and I'm never sure when I use the pitch pipe. Intonia shows my intonation right on the screen so I'm always in tune when I begin to practice. I also love to play along with myself.
Hannah McGinley
11 years old
Sewickley, Pa

As a parent with no musical training, the program helps me see my child's progress and have an active role in helping her with her practice sessions.
Maggie McGinley
Sewickley, Pa

I'm just learning 3rd position. Intonia makes it easy to hear if the notes are right!
Alena Greco
12 years old
Wexford, PA

I like being able to work with Intonia on my own! My Mom is a musician so she can listen to my practice sessions when she comes home from work She gives me advice. It helps me find notes on the keyboard and to learn my key signatures.
Regan Brodine
7 years old
Pittsburgh, PA

I'm an improving violin student, having started as an adult. I've found that learning to play the violin requires training the ear to recognize correct intonation before the fingers can find the correct place on the string. Frequently I've had the experience where my teacher says, "make the G# a little sharper." Once I do so, I can hear that it sounds better, but I would not have thought to try it on my own. I've always wanted to ask my teacher, "how can I take you home with me?" Intonia is my way of making that happen.
Jerry Agin
Program developer
Pittsburgh, PA