Windows and MacOS Versions

When Intonia is first installed, it comes with a fully functional 30 day free trial license. On startup, a pop-up dialog reports the number of days remaining in the trial period. Once the 30 days expires, a license key is required.

A license key may be purchased by clicking the "Purchase License Key" button on the Registration pop-up dialog. This will take you to the order processing website.

When the purchase process is completed, you will receive an email with the information you need to complete the registration. It would be a good idea to save this information in case you need to re-install Intonia at a later date.

(Windows Users: If you have more than one user account on your computer, you may have to enter registration data once for each user. To get around this, before you enter the registration data, start Intonia by right-clicking its icon on your desktop and selecting "Run as administrator".)

After you receive your license key, go back to the Registration pop-up dialog. If you already have Intonia running and the dialog has been dismissed, you can bring it back with the Register command on the File Menu. Click "I have a License Key."

The easiest way to enter a license key is to open the email that gives the registration info. Copy the entire message body to the clipboard. (Windows users can do this by typing control-A to select the entire text, then control-C to copy. MacOS users should use command-A and command-C). Then click the button that says, "Paste From Clipboard".

If pasting from the clipboard doesn't work, you will need to enter the information manually. You will need four items:

Carefully enter these items exactly as they are in the email you received.

Click "OK". If the information you entered is not correct, you will be given another chance to re-enter it. When registration is successful, you should see a dialog saying, "Thank you for registering." In the Windows version, your user name should appear on the splash screen the next time you start Intonia.

If you've purchased Intonia for personal use, you may use one license for multiple computers in your household. The same key works interchangeably for the Windows and MacOS versions.

Android Version

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