Sounds processed

Intonia was designed to analyze the sound of a single instrument playing a single note. But it turns out to do a passable job if there are some other sounds in the environment, provided the instrument is louder than all the other sounds.

If you use Intonia to measure the pitch of an instrument with accompaniment, it would help if the microphone were placed in a way to maximize the contribution of the solo instrument. There are clip-on microphones made for many instruments. I would be interested in hearing how others do with this kind of arrangement.

Intonia was designed to measure the pitch of a violin. If you look at the Spectrum View of a note played on a violin, you'll see many regularly spaced harmonics extending to a high frequency. I haven't tried Intonia with many other instruments: the more an instrument's spectrum resembles the spectrum of a violin, the more likely it is that Intonia will be successful analyzing it. I do know that Intonia does rather poorly analyzing the human voice.

The quality of the microphone being used probably has a great influence on the accuracy of pitch detection. A cheap mike tends to cut off the high freqencies that Intonia depends on.