Shortcut Keys

Intonia is designed so that most of its functions are accessible with one finger when your hands are occupied with your fiddle and bow. The most-used operations can be accessed either by touching a single key on the keyboard, or touching two keys in succession.

Here are the shortcut keys:

aAudio menu
bgo to Beginning
dgo to enD
eEdit menu
fFile menu
hHelp menu
kKey dialog
ltoggle Loop
oOptions dialog
topTions menu
vView menu
+Zoom in horizontally
-Zoom out horizontally
PAGE UPZoom in vertically
PAGE DOWNZoom out vertically
shift bextend selection to Beginning
shift dextend selection to enD
control Aselect All
control CCopy
control NNew file
control OOpen file
control SSave file
control Vpaste
control Xcut

The 'o' key brings up the Options dialog. Once it's up, you can the tab key and shift-tab to move forward and backward between fields. You can use use right or left arrow, or control-tab and control-shift-tab to move forward and backward between tabs.