Reporting Errors

While I hope there won't be any crashes, experience tells me they will probably occur. If you encounter a programming error, it's important to let me know about it so I can fix it and prevent it from happening again.

Windows Version

Most errors present themselves in the form of a window that pops up saying "Intonia has encountered an unexpected error", and a few lines of information describing the error. You have the option of either sending an error report or not sending it, but once you make that choice the program will exit.

Email address: I almost always reply to error reports, provided I have an email address to respond to. Most often I'm able to create a version of Intonia that fixes the problem within hours or days. If you don't want a personal reply, you can leave this field blank.

Comment: You can use this field, if you like, to give me additional information, such as what you believe may have caused the crash.

View report contents: The error report contains information necessary to pinpoint the source of the error. It also contains your license info, the Java version you're using, and your computer's operating system. If you'd like to view the report contents before you send it, click "View report contents".

Send report and exit: Clicking this button will attempt to send the error report via HTML POST. If the send is successful, Intonia will exit.

If there are difficulties sending the error report, another error dialog will pop up, and you will again be given the choice of reporting or not reporting. If the sending error persists, please inform me by sending an email to

Exit without sending: Intonia will immediately exit.

Android Version

If Intonia encounters an unexpected error, it will automatically send information to the program developer via a HTML POST message. The information includes the hardware characteristics of your device, the version of Android you are running, the state of the program at the time the error occurred, and whether or not an in-app purchase has been made.

iOS Version

If Intonia encounters an unexpected error, it may or may not send an error report to Apple, which may or may not be forwarded to the program developer, depending on your Analytics Privacy settings. If you choose to share crash data with app developers, we will receive a report that includes hardware information and the iOS version you're running on.

For information about managing your Analytics Privacy settings, visit

MacOS Version

Unfortunately there's no automatic way for me to get crash reports in this version of Intonia. I would greatly appreciate hearing about crashes so that I can determine what cause them and try to prevent them happening again.

If Intonia stops unexpectedly, it should pop up a window titled "Problem report for Intonia". Click on the button that says "Show Details". Copy the entire contents of the details window to the clipboard with Cmd-A, Cmd-C, and paste the details into an email message to

Your feedback will be greatly appreciated!