Edit Menu

The Edit Menu allows sounds to be cut, copied, and pasted.

Before sounds can be cut or copied, a selection must be made. A region can be selected by clicking and dragging the mouse horizontally. Or it can be selected by clicking the mouse once at the start of the region, then shift-clicking at the end. Or the entire file may be selected by using the menu to choose Edit - Select All. The selection is indicated in reverse colors.

Edit - Cut removes the selection from the file and places it on the clipboard. You can also do a Cut by typing control-X.

Edit - Copy places a copy of the selection on the clipboard, but it does not remove if from the file. You can also do a Copy by typing control-C.

Edit - Paste places the contents of the clipboard into the file. Before pasting, click the mouse to set the needle to the point where the pasted sound should go. Normally, the pasted sound is inserted in in the file after the needle, moving any pre-existing sound to later in the file. But if the Paste and overwrite option is selected, the pasted sound overwrites any sounds in the file after the needle. You can also do a Paste by typing control-V.

Edit - Select All selects the entire contents of the file. You can also do a Select All by typing control-A.